Welcome to our clinic
Welcome to our clinic

We are Denver area’s premier med spa for body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and tattoo removals. We pride ourselves in exceptional service and low overhead just to pass the savings to our customers.

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General Services

Skin Rejuvenation

Our skin ages for a variety of different reasons over time. As early as the age of 25, signs of aging start to appear on the surface of the skin like first fine lines appear on nose and mouth,

Body Contouring

SculpSure is the world’s first FDA-cleared and a non-surgical way for non-invasive lipolysis of the abdomen, flanks, back, inner thighs, outer thighs and submental area,

Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are pigments inserted through pricks into the skin’s top layer. These are no longer permanent with the help of high tech lasers and certified laser specialists.


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At Laser Smooth, we are passionate about providing the best laser treatments and service possible at a price you can afford. We are experts in the field, bringing you the most up-to-date techniques and state-of-the-art technology to assure you get the best, most effective skin treatments available.

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We Specialize in

  • CO2 Laser Rejuvenation
  • SculpSure Body Contouring
  • Laser tattoo Removal
  • Laser hair Removal
  • And Much More

Gives Your Skin More Firm And Smooth Appearance With CO2 Skin Rejuvenation

CO2 Skin Rejuvenation is the gold standard way to reduce wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, blemishes or acne scars. It is also called smart medicine for aged and sun-damaged skin. This treatment not only removes layers of skin tissue in a fractional method but also blends skin color. We guarantee that the results from one single treatment will make you happy. Laser Smooth offers a high percentage of human growth stem cells kit by NeoGenisis. This kit cuts downtime and enhances results.

Results of CO2 Skin Rejuvenation can differ depending on your age, degree of sun damage, and skin type. But most patients who have had this procedure, report noteworthy changes in one single treatment.

Remove Stubborn Fat Cells From Your Body Through SculpSure Body Contouring

SculpSure Body Contouring at Laser Smooth is the world’s first FDA-cleared noninvasive laser treatment that’s used to target and reduce or eliminate fat. It is comfortable for both men and women and on a variety of body types. Once the fat is destroyed through this treatment, it is naturally eliminated from the body.

Did you know working out at the gym can only reduce your stubborn fat cells at best? Sculpsure destroys those stubborn fat cells and your body will flush them out. Best part is, there is no bruise or pain immediately after.